Wood woven basket-used to carry food

Wood woven basket

Item No.:WTB160123

Material: Thin strips of metasequoia wood woven together

Minimum Order Quantity:200pcs

Price term:FOB Shenzhen

Product Availability:10000pcs/month

Baketvendors are the factory offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, handwoven basket, hand-crafted woven baskets, decorative woven art baskets, ranging from wastepaper/waste basket, laundry/clothes basket, shopping basket, picnic basket, bread basket, fruit basket, hanging basket, offers baskets for a variety of themes and occasions!

Being a direct manufacturer, we have the advantage in providing you the best price and quality, and because we take it seriously and personally, you will get the best service and attention you deserve.

Wood woven basket

Fruit basket bread/fruit/flower basketbread basket

Lightweight usually wood baskets for serving bread and fruitsbread basket fruit basket

For serving bread, containing fruitsshopping vegetable basket

Handmade wood woven basket used to carry things or put things bread, food, fruit basket

Woodchip basket used for carry/pick up/bread, food, fruit


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