1.How do I get a catalog and price list?
We have pleasure in sending you our latest catalogue and price list.
You can send the inquiry or e-mail to ask the catalog and price list

2.Are there minimums?
No, however prices vary based on quantity ordered.

3.How do I place an order?
Should you wish to place an order, please send us an e-mail or phone us.

4.What payment methods are available?
T/T,Western Union

5.What are your shipping methods?
Ocean shipping,Air transportation,FedEx,DHL

6.Can I order custom shape and sizes?
Size and shape can be custom to suit you need,we will be happy to customize the basket to meet your needs & budget.

7.Where are Basketvendors basket made?
We have our own craftsman.
The material of our baskets are use strips of wood, bamboo, sea grass, wicker, rattan, water plants to interwoven together by the local weaver.China

8.Do you offer free sample?
Should you wish to receive sample for closer inspection, we will be very pleased to send them. Our goal is your satisfaction in finding the best product to suit your needs. To achieve that goal, we are happy to work with you to sample and test the products before you make a purchase.The samples are free, however you should pay the shipping charge.

We are happy to provide you with the information you requested.